Decorative Lattice & Trellis

A dramatic and romantic garden feature


Decorative lattice and trellis work are timeless features of many elegant formal gardens, but are increasingly becoming part of more modern design as well.

The decorative work usually involves the clever use of curved and elliptical profiles which are very pleasing to the eye.

Lattice work and decorative trellis are ideal for panels along walls, entrance surrounds and garden/room dividers. They can also be designed as beautiful in-fill features for existing pergolas, summer houses, colonades.

The lattice work or trellis can be made square or diagonal with either 30mm or 35mm batten and spacing from 30mm to 100mm.

Michael Grace offers a unique design and construction service, and can replicate designs which clients may have located in books, magazines or on websites. Also, shapes can be designed specifically to suit or fit particular spaces, or to match or complement other elements. Contact Michael Grace with your requests and suggestions.


Treated premium pine. All screw fixings are stainless steel. Marine grade adhesives. Timber likely to be in contact with the ground is H4 (ground treated). All other timber is H3 treated.

Paint surface

All surfaces are carefully prepared and finished with 2 to 3 coats of satin finish acrylic stain (Resene Lumbersider). All timber is painted four sides before assembly.

Trellis can be made in any colour on the Resene colour chart. There is no additional cost for colour choice. Visit


Panels can be made to size and pattern, but the overall dimension of any panel cannot exceed 1700mm by 1400mm. Often a number of smaller matching panels give a much more pleasing result than one or two large panels.

Each panel is skilfully mounted within a square section frame which is carefully made to exactly follow the shape of the panel.


Will be confirmed upon receipt of order, but allow up to 8 weeks.


Prices will be given once the style, size and any specific requirements are finalised.


In most cases this is a specialised job, and is undertaken by Michael Grace personally within Canterbury. Outside that region would require discussion with a competent tradesman.


Grace Treillage supplies to the South Island. Free delivery within Canterbury.

An additional packing and freight cost is payable for deliveries to the rest of New Zealand.

To Enquire:

You are very welcome to contact Michael Grace with your enquiry, or if anything requires explanation or clarification. Emails will be answered promptly. Click here – Contact Michael Grace.